Litchfield by the Sea Community Rules

Litchfield by the Sea - Community Rules


The homeowners of Litchfield by the Sea encourage all who visit here to enjoy yourselves and make the most of your vacation time with family and friends. Your observance of these 10 rules is important as we strive to maintain our campus’ beauty and safety:

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times in LBTS! The new Dog Ordinance Requires that they be on a leash from 9AM until 7 PM on all Georgetown County beaches—365 days a year! Please clean up after your dog! The Georgetown County Marine Patrol now uses an ATV vehicle to rapidly patrol our beach. The fine for violation of the new Dog Ordinance is $250.

  • Pools – please use only the pool provided for your condo or home.

  • Park only in spaces provided by your condo or home. No parking is permitted on grassed or landscaped areas.

  • Towels must NOT be hung from balconies and railings for drying.

  • The speed limit in LBTS is 25 mph.

  • Golf Carts can only be operated by licensed drivers. This is South Carolina Law! Golf Carts are NOT allowed in any high rise buildings.

  • Tents and umbrellas left on the beach after sundown will be removed and stored at the expense of the owner.

  • Children…please supervise them and make them aware of the dangers involved with the water. Do NOT allow them to feed the alligators!

  • Glass bottles are NOT allowed on beaches or in the pool areas. This, too, is enforced by the Marine Patrol and a $250 fine.

  • State law protects the sand dunes. Walking on the dunes is prohibited.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and that you will return often. We will continue to maintain LBTS in ways that meet your expectations, and we appreciate your help. Thank You! Litchfield By The Sea

Litchfield By the Sea

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No Golf Carts Allowed at Highrise Condos
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Golf Carts Not Allowed at High Rise Condos
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