Owner Testimonials

Vicki - You and the entire Dieter company have been FANTASTIC to work with. I raved to the new owners and realtors about how great you all are.

Mike I
North Litchfield

Very satisfied with owner services. Concerns and questions answered in a timely fashion. Excellent maintenance and housekeeping services. Superb response time when the need is there.

Dave O.
Litchfield By The Sea

Love working with you and all your staff!!! Please tell them for me--Thanks again and again for all you and your staff do for us—can’t say thanks enough.

Judy C.
Litchfield By The Sea

Thank you so much..... all the people in The Dieter Company are wonderful!

Betsy G.
Heron Marsh Villas

You are to be complimented on leading a group of staff who genuinely show their enthusiasm for their work in every interaction we have with them! The lack of turnover shows how much they like working for you and with you.

Kate K.
Oyster Catcher

You are there for us whenever we need you!

Kelly L.
Inlet Point

We appreciate the friendly and professional office staff. :)

Donna K.
Litchfield By The Sea

I am truly grateful for all of your helpfulness and management of family condo [in Inlet Point]. Many thanks for your help!

Beattie F.
Inlet Point

Thanks so much for all you and your team do for us! Thank you.

Mike I.
Litchfield Retreat

Thanks again for all you do.

Kevin L.
Litchfield By The Sea

Thank you so much for the your usual superb customer service and response. Your family business has taken care of us for many, many good years. Thanks again. God continue to bless your family and business.

Joe B.
North Litchfield

We think you all are terrific and love working with you.

Nancy R.
Litchfield By The Sea

Thanks for the extra attention recently. I also wanted you to know that I really like working with Krystal. She is conscientious, professional and extremely pleasant. She delivers great customer service and is an asset to your company.

Vanessa G.
North Litchfield

Great, Love y'all! Wonderful as ever!

Kathy R.
Pawleys Island

Thank you so very much! You have a great employees working for you and for us. [The Dieter Company's] prompt replies and attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

Polly P.
North Litchfield

Thanks for your aggressive marketing to rent our own and for taking care of all the details.

Jimmy P.
North Litchfield

We really appreciate you going above and beyond to keep us as VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS of yours. EVERY TIME I call your staff responds very politely and the issues are corrected in a timely manner. Once again, thank you so much for making sure we have a very positive experience. We are all RAVING FANS!

Deborah F.
Litchfield Beach

Thanks for your patience with teaching me the new ways. And for the guidance, great rentals, and arranging for all the care for things when needed. Always appreciate your kind words! Again, thanks for being a great partner in this adventure.

Judy H.
Litchfield Beach

Appreciate for all you do. Thanks.

Keith M.
Litchfield By The Sea

Very satisfied with Dieter Company. Always very helpful.

Robert H.
Litchfield By The Sea

It is such a pleasure to work with you. Many thanks for the professional level of service you provide.

Tucker D

Needless to say we have been thinking of all of you as the Hurricane stormed through Pawleys Island. We understand you have many responsibilities to owners and renters appreciate you sending someone into our condo to check the status. We so appreciate you keeping it safe for us.

Vicki V.
Sandpiper Run