Somerset Property Rules - Litchfield By The Sea

Cambridge, Fordham, Hamilton, Paget, Warwick, Whitney Parrish

Each owner is responsible for the proper conduct of members of their family, guests, renters, and service personnel. They should be certain that they understand and observe all Rules and Regulations. All renters should be advised of and given a copy of the Rules and Regulations before occupying the condominium. Any violation of the Rules and Regulations will be the responsibility of the owner. Flagrant or persistent violations by renters or guests constitute grounds for expulsion from Somerset and/ or fines levied against the owner.

Each owner using a rental agent will be certain his/her rental agent agrees to inform renters of the Rules and Regulations and to enforce these rules and regulations.

Owners must notify the Managing Agent for the Association of the name, address, and telephone number of their rental agent and/or any long-term lessees (30 days or longer). Owners of rental units should post a copy of the Rules and Regulations in a conspicuous place in the unit.

No two-bedroom unit may be occupied by more than 6 adults and a maximum occupancy of 8 persons. No three-bedroom unit may be occupied by more than 8 adults and a maximum occupancy of 10. No four-bedroom unit may be occupied by more than 10 adults and a maximum occupancy of 12.

No children under 21 years of age are permitted to occupy a unit unless a parent or the owner is in the unit at the same time. A driver’s license or other means of identification may be requested by Security as proof of age. House parties by renters are strictly forbidden and violators will be asked to leave by Security and/or the Property Manager of the Managing Agent.

Renters are NOT allowed to have pets in the condominiums.

If renting, contact your rental office for lockouts, maintenance, or repairs within the units.

The number of employees and /or maintenance subcontractors authorized in the budget is limited and each has a full work schedule; therefore, only the Property Manager of the Managing Agent or President of the Association is authorized by the Board of Directors to give instructions to the maintenance staff. NO INTERIOR MAINTENANCE OF UNITS WILL BE PROVIDED BY STAFF

Somerset Security 843-385-2854. If the need for security occurs on Somerset property, please use the Somerset Security number provided. Do not call the LBTS gate if it is Somerset’s property.

No remodeling is allowed MEMORIAL DAY THRU LABOR DAY. Remodeling is only allowed Monday thru Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Being considerate of our neighbors is an especially important consideration in a multi-family building. The sound from television, stereo equipment, and musical instruments, as well as conversation, should maintain normal levels at all times, especially between the hours of 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. No loud music after 10:00 PM.
Although Association buildings are well-insulated, noise can travel through walls and floors. Slamming doors can be very annoying within units and entrances to stairwells. Special care should be made to close doors gently without slamming. Due to the close proximity of others, a special effort should be made to minimize noise from conversation and/or music while on the balcony.

If you should be disturbed by noise, please notify Somerset Security at 843-385-2854.

Renters and guests are NOT permitted to have pets in the condominium. ONLY OWNERS may have a pet in their unit as stated in the by-laws.

Somerset owners are permitted to have a pet in their condominium provided the following provisions are abided by:
In no event shall pets be permitted in the common areas unless on a leash. Pets are not allowed in the pool areas. Unleashed pets are subject to collection by the County Animal Shelter. Reclamation of the pet will be the sole responsibility of the owner.

The owner shall indemnify the Association and hold it harmless against any loss of liability of any kind or character whatsoever arising from or growing out of having any pet in their condominium to include common or limited common areas.

If a pet becomes obnoxious to occupants of other units, the pet’s owner must correct the problem or the owner upon notice by the Association will be required to remove the pet from the premises.

Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. No pet deposits are allowed to be left anywhere on the premises, except in the dumpster. The landscaped areas between the buildings and the dunes are NOT intended to be a pet litter box.

No resident shall use or permit to be brought into a condominium or storage facility any flammable liquids or gases such as gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner, propane, explosives, fireworks or articles deemed hazardous other than commercially available household cleaners.

Weapons are prohibited from being displayed and/or cleaned on balconies or any portion of Somerset property.

No fireworks are allowed in or on Somerset property.

The facilities of the Association are for the exclusive use of the Association’s members, guests, and renters. The use of the facility for any commercial purpose or financial gain by an owner, renter, or guest is expressly prohibited.

Hot water heaters should be checked at year 7 and replaced by year 10.

No bicycles, scooters, baby carriages or strollers, toys, furniture, planters, or other personal articles shall be allowed to be kept in any common area unless specifically designated for that purpose. No skating, skateboarding, rollerblading, or riding of scooters and similar devices are permitted in the corridors, elevators, lobbies, entryways, walkways, parking areas under the buildings, or on sidewalks. Baggage caddies are to be returned to and stored outside the building’s lobby on the ground level in their appropriate place when not in use. They are not be used for any other purpose than moving personal belongings to and from vehicles. CONTRACTORS MAY NOT UTILIZE LUGGAGE CARTS.

No trash, linens, or personal articles of any kind may be left, even temporarily, in the corridors between the unit entrances and the stairways or elevators. Personal articles such as beach shoes may be left temporarily in unit entrances. Beach chairs, umbrellas, etc. should be left in the owner’s storage area and not stored in corridors or on walkways. All items must be stored in your unit or on your balcony.

Bicycles kept in common areas must be kept in good repair and only in bicycle racks.

Smoking in stairwells, corridors and elevators is strictly prohibited.

GRILLING is not permitted on balconies, outside walkways, in pool areas, under garages or within 50 feet of any building/structure. No grilling is permitted on the oceanfront.

Feminine Products should be disposed of in the trash and not the sewer system.

Owners must use only licensed and insured contractors to perform work in their units. Every individual unit owner should make sure to receive and provide to the managing agent adequate proof of insurance from any contractor entering the premises prior to actual work taking place. Onsite staff will not be available to open doors for contractors. Adequate general liability limits should not be construed to be any less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and certificates should name Somerset Owners Association, building, and address as the certificate holder. Risk transfer form, workers compensation and general liability must be received prior to any work. Please contact your managing agent for renovation do’s and don’ts.
Contractors performing work in your units are not covered under the HOA master insurance policy or any property encompassing Somerset.


Stray and feral cats should not be fed at any time. As they become friendlier to humans through frequent feeding it will attract more and more cats and they will reproduce more with a reliable food source. These stray/feral cats pose a danger to humans and can carry rabies. Leaving food will attract raccoons and possums in addition to more cats, thereby increasing the danger to humans.

Only owners are permitted to use golf carts on Association property. Only licensed drivers or persons accompanied by a licensed driver may operate golf carts on Somerset roads or parking areas. All golf carts must have Litchfield by the Sea decal or tag clearly displayed indicating Building and Unit number. No guests or renters are permitted to use golf carts on the Association property. Golf carts may only be parked in the owner’s parking spot. NO GAS GOLF CATS ALLOWED.

All vehicles on the property need a Somerset decal or Litchfield by the Sea card indicating that they are occupying or visiting a Somerset unit. The card must indicate the Building and Unit number. The card must be clearly displayed on the dash at all times.

Vehicles not displaying proper Somerset identification or parked in owners’ designated space are subject to being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Each unit is assigned one parking space which is designated by number in the parking area under the building. Owners or renters should not use a parking space other than their assigned space. Should any unit’s occupants need more than one parking space, outside parking is unassigned and available.

Boats, trailers, motorcycles, recreational vehicles are not allowed to park anywhere on Association property. Cars with trailer hitch bicycle racks stick out farther than is safe and should not park in the garages. Check with security about parking these vehicles within other property of Litchfield by the Sea.

Please advise your rental companies that their housekeeping employees must have a parking permit with the unit number on it. The word “various” on the permit is not acceptable.

All service vehicles must display a Litchfield by the Sea gate permit with building name and unit number.

Use of pools and spas is permitted only between the hours of 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM. No one is allowed to enter the pool when the “Pool Closed” sign is up. As the pools do not have lifeguards, persons using the pools and spas do so at their own risk. Children under 13 are not permitted in the pools or spa without a parent or guardian.
Additionally, the following rules apply:
a. Shower thoroughly before entering the pool or spa.
b. Appropriate attire, which is defined as conventional swimsuits, should be worn.
c. The playing of radios can be annoying to others using the pool and to those in condominiums adjacent to the pools; therefore, persons using radios, CD players, etc. in the pool area must use earphones.
d. Pneumatic floats or similar paraphernalia, except for swimming aids, are not permitted in the pool area.
e. Pets are forbidden in the pool areas.
f. Running in the enclosed pool areas is not permitted.
g. When suntan oil is used, a beach towel must be used to cover the pool furniture.
h. Pool furniture may not be reserved by leaving a towel or clothing draped over the furniture when no longer in the pool area. Articles left on the furniture may be removed if the furniture is not occupied for 20 minutes or more.
i. No diapers are permitted in the pool except approved no leak swimming diapers.
j. Diving is not permitted.
k. Poolside furniture shall not be placed in the pools or spas or removed from the pool area.

All residents are expected to share in the responsibility for maintaining clean grounds throughout the common areas. All trash and garbage shall be carefully placed in the dumpster provided for each building. Guests and renters shall be shown or told the location of the dumpster for that building by the unit owner. Under no circumstances, even temporarily, should trash or linens be left outside the unit door, in the halls or stairwells. Owners should notify their rental company of this policy. Garbage must be placed in the dumpster and not in the trash receptacles. Do not drop or place any food on outside floors as ants in great numbers invade in minutes.

It is against South Carolina state law and Georgetown County ordinances to damage or destroy the sea oats or seagrasses which grow on the dunes. Fines may be levied for violations. Additionally, the following rules apply:
a. Do not walk on or over the dunes. Use crosswalks to and from the beach.
b. Do not place any articles on the dunes.
c. Do not attach or store any articles such as umbrellas, beach chairs, surfboards, etc. adjacent to the crosswalks.
d. From sunset to sunrise do not leave any articles unattended, including beach shelters, on the beach above the mean high-water line. No items should be left on the beach overnight.
e. Do not clean fish on the crosswalks or other Association property.
f. Do not litter dunes or beaches by leaving behind cans, bottles, cigarette butts, or other refuse.

Please do not walk through Somerset landscape bedding, pine straw, or bushes. Somerset will not be held responsible for any liability should owners, renters or guests’ trip, stumble or fall in the landscaping beds, irrigation systems, etc. It is the owner’s responsibility to advise your guests or renters of the same. If seen doing so, a fine will be levied for the repairs.

Balcony and corridor light fixtures are not to be changed. articles of clothing, linens, towels, floats, etc., shall not be placed on the outside walkways, windowsills, or draped across balcony railings. No objects shall be kept, placed of maintained on ledges of the balconies. Glass tops for tables should be avoided on balconies. No wall ornaments are permitted on the balconies or outside front doors without prior approval of the property manager. Do not throw cigars, cigarettes, or other objects from the balcony or onto the outside walkways.

Owners must advise their rental companies that bagged linen and trash may not be left on corridors, walkways, or in stairways.

If a unit will be unoccupied during the hurricane season which runs from June 1 through November 30, all loose items should be securely stored inside the unit.

No signs of any type or purpose may be displayed from windows or on the exterior of any condominium or in any common area.

In a multi-story condominium building, the Managing Agent must have access to each condominium to control the spread of problems, such as leaking water to other units. Therefore, the Association must retain a key to each condominium. No owner shall alter any lock or install a new lock on the door leading to the condominium without providing a key to the Managing Agent. Key Card locks are NOT permitted. Keypad locks are permitted only if we have been provided with the passkey.
A fine of $5.00 per day may be levied for every day that a key is not available.

Owners shall be liable for all damage caused by receiving deliveries or the transportation or movement of furniture or other articles to and from a building.

Each owner is responsible for maintaining the plumbing and electrical systems and all appliances and heating and cooling systems in their unit. Should any damage occur to another unit, the owner of the unit where the problems originated may be held liable for costs of repairs to the damaged condominium or to the common areas.

These Rules and Regulations are designed to make living for owners, renters, and guests pleasant and comfortable. The restrictions that are imposed are for the mutual benefit of all. Violations of these Rules and Regulations will be reported to the Managing Agent who will call the matter to the attention of the violating owner, renter, or guest for corrective action.

Failure to comply with these Rules and Regulations may result in a daily fine for each violation until corrected. Fines will be levied by the Board of Directors which will become a part of and collectible with the next regular monthly assessment. Failure to pay fines will result in a lien against the owner’s property. Any disagreement about the violation will be reported by the Managing Agent to the Board of Directors for resolution.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to change or revoke existing Rules and Regulations and to make additional rules and regulations from time to time as in its opinion are necessary or desirable for the safety and benefit of the Association property and its occupants, to promote cleanliness and good order of the property and to assure the comfort and convenience of owners, guests, and renters.

Please make sure that we have a current email address on file for your unit. If you are unsure or would like to be added to the email distribution list please email. We often do email blasts to send out general information or updates during inclement weather situations. If you are an interval owner, we will be able to accommodate sending the information to all parties.

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1137 South Church Street
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Office Phone: 336-494-2505 / 336-494-2522

Updated January 2021
*** Somerset does not provide lockout service ***

*Dryer Vents, Dryer Vent Covers, and bathroom vent exterior louvers
*Windows and Frames
*Front doors, Storm Doors, and Frames
*Screens and Glass
*Front Door Locks – Key card locks are NOT permitted and Keypad locks are permitted only if we have a passkey.
*Light/Lights on Balcony
*Plumbing fixtures to include all water lines located within the unit
*Hot water heater to include supply lines and cutoffs - Checked every 7 years and replaced every 10 years.
*Electrical wiring within the unit
*Smoke detectors and batteries
*Balcony flooring
*Locks/Slide bolts for beach lockers
*HO6 insurance mandatory

***Keys to all units must be on file with the Somerset Property Manager.***

When repainting doors, storm doors, and sidelights the following color must be used:
Glacier Ice – Code M161160
Spectrum Paints
4440 US Highway 17 Bypass South
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
(843) 651-5200

Please be considerate of the hours of operation for your property manager. The onsite office is open Monday-Friday. 843-235-8800. If you have an emergency after hours and are not on a rental program please contact Somerset Security. 843-235-2854. If you are on a rental program please contact your rental agency.