Staff member Amanda Pope

Amanda Pope

Vacation Rentals

When were you hired by The Dieter Company? 

April 2021

What are Your primary duties at Dieter Company?

My primary duties include making sure each of our housekeepers are ready and supplied for our season! 

Where were you born and when/ how did you end up in our area?

I was born and raised in Georgetown! My parents ran a housekeeping business for 20 years and I worked for them. 

One thing about you that others might find interesting?   

I'm a thrift store fanatic! Always looking for something unique or different. 

Your favorite rental property(s) and why? 

Crabbers Corner is one of my favorites', Crabbers offers great views of the creek! 

What do you enjoy doing when not at work? 

 Spending time with my Family! 

Favorite local restaurant and what to order?

Deroma's Pizza! Their Meatball Sub is my Favorite! 

What family activities do you recommend?

Putt Putt golf  is always a lot of fun to get out and enjoy with the family. 

What is your best local insider tip?

  Great seafood and tons of entertainment at the  Marsh walk in Murrells inlet. Don't forget to check out goat Island