What gets more renters?

Renters want to eat well, sleep well, and relax while on vacation. You can help provide an escape that exceeds expectations by offering the most desirable amenities. It’s the very good and remarkably bad experiences are passed on to friends. We want to make sure that it’s the great times they are telling everyone about. This list is from guests who had an exceptional vacation.

TVs, Internet, & Technology

Did you know that 83% of guests check their e-mail while on vacation? You don’t want to miss out because a family member is unable to work or a teenager is out of touch with friends. TVs – place them in as many rooms as possible. Large flat screens are best. DVD is a must. We recommend at least two. Blue Ray is a nice addition
Surround Sound System
Stereo (iPod player)

Baby Equipment

Who has the room to pack all of the kid stuff for a vacation?
Portable Crib, High Chair, Pack and Play, Baby gates

Beach Stuff

Games – Bocce, Horseshoes, Frisbee
Sand Toys – beach bucket, shovel
Boogie Boards, Floats, Rafts

Decorations, Furniture, & Appliances

Annual Spring Clean is a must
Bathrooms should be clean, clutter free and have no personal supplies
Central A/C – multiple units
Clutter Free Closets and Drawers
Comfortable Living Room Furniture – wicker is not comfortable. Period.
Fans – tabletop or box
Keep color schemes “light and airy”
Personal Touch – a few family photos etc... Don’t over do it though.
Large Screen TV
Vacuums for every level of the property
White Furniture is hard to clean
Multiple Washer and Dryers

Kitchen & Bar Accessories (several of these apply to the larger capacity homes)

A collection for your favorite beach recipes
Cookbooks from our area
Cooking gadgets like – juicer, garlic press, waffle maker, Panini press, Mortar & Pestle, etc...
Crock Pot
Extra Blender
Extra Dishwasher
Extra Icemaker
Extra Refrigerator/ Freezer
Herbs and Spices (dated and refreshed annually)
Gourmet Appliances – if you have high-end equipment be sure to let us know to advertise
Quality Kitchen Knives and sharpener

Pet Friendly

According to the Travel Industry Association, 14% of all American adults have traveled with a pet at some point in the past three years. (Only available for houses.=)

Porch, Deck, Outside

Grill - preferably gas, but charcoal is ok. Renters must be provided LP.
Good deck furniture and table
Several Large Trash Cans
Pool – big ticket, but will defiantly attract more renters

Rainy Day Activities

We recommend setting up a separate game room or bedroom so the kids have their own space.
Book & Magazine Library – encourage guests to take a paperback with them and leave a new one
Board Games – Checkers, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit are some of our favorites
DVD Library
Deck of Cards & card table
Foosball (with extra balls)
Pool Table - kids will be the main users so don't buy a high-end table with an expensive top
Ping-pong table- with plenty of paddles and balls. (The humidity will warp the table.)

Beds & Capacity

Capacity - While we do not encourage setting up your property as a boarding house, it does make economic sense to maximize your space to appeal to more potential guests. This can be accomplished by adding a comfy sofa bed, thick futon or a trundle bed to guest rooms or living areas. Keep in mind that alternative sleeping options are not as comfortable for adults, and are therefore intended for kids. Example - By increasing the capacity of a 3 bedroom condo from 6 to 8 you now accommodate two couples with two kids each.

Regarding Bedding Options - Sleeping arrangements are one of the first things that guests look at when choosing where to vacation. Rentals with larger beds and quality mattresses often book first. A week of great sleep on a good mattress will encourage repeat business. Use mattress pads and pillow protectors when possible.

King - 76 x 80 inches: A must for anyone that sleeps in a king at home. More large beds are better.
Queen - 60 x 80 inches: Queens are just the right size for most adult couples and always spacious and comfortable than a full. They are only recommended if there is not space for a king.
Full – 54 x 75 inches: Also known as a double, they are too small for most couples to sleep comfortably and take up too much room for one person. They are both shorter than and not as wide as kings. The only time we would consider a full is if there will be two in a bedroom in place of twins.
Twin - 39 x 75 inches: Also known as a single. They require less space than other options and good for children. Extra-long twins provide and additional 5 inches if adults will be using them to sleep.
Bunk - A great way to add capacity to a small bedroom. Consider two sets of bunks in a room that is designated for kids. Be sure to include the safety bars and a ladder to get in the top bed.
Sofa Sleeper/ Futon - Available in various mattress sizes, they are a great way to add additional capacity without needing extra space. Adults will say these are more comfortable for sitting than sleeping.
Trundle/Daybed - Another good option to add capacity in smaller rooms for children. They are available in all sizes from King to Single. Daybeds will also provide daytime seating as a couch.
Murphy Bed - Also know as wall-beds, they are available in any size and are more comfortable than other alternative. The best thing is that they do not require additional space.

Contact the Dieter Company rental management experts for more helpful property management information.