Litchfield By The Sea Resort Fee

Litchfield By The Sea - Resort Fee New for 2024

Only Applicable for Vacation Rentals In Litchfield By The Sea (LBTS).  The Owner's Board of Directors passed a new admission fee to be known as a "Resort Fee" for all vacation renters.  All owners or their rental agents are required to collect and remit the funds for renters arriving after January 1, 2024.  The following notes are a summary of communications from the LBTS Owner's Association:

Definition of Resort Fee - a daily surcharge to LBTS Rental Guests.  Funds collected will be used to offset wear and tear, develop new amenities, and support major improvements.
Effective Date 1/1/24
$15 per night charge.  Max Charge is $210 per rental.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Resort Fee

Who has to pay the fee?
All paying renters in Litchfield By The Sea.  Only owners and non-rent paying owner guests are excluded.
If you are staying in North Litchfield, Litchfield Retreat, South Litchfield, Inlet Point, or on Pawleys Island this fee DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.

How is the fee determined?
$15 per night rented total.  It is capped at $210 or 14 nights.  
# of guests, # of bedrooms occupied, # of cars, # of car passes, etc. do not have any bearing on the charge.

Is there a discount for long-term rentals?
Yes, 14 days is the maximum charge of $210.
Renters over 90 days may take their lease and apply for a barcode decal at Waccamaw Management and will only pay for the decal.

Is the fee reduced if I rent multiple properties or multiple times?
No, the charge is per reservation.

Is the fee the same with every owner and rental company?
Yes $15 per night for all rental companies and owners that rent directly.

What is the fee for?
To help meet the long-range plans of the LBTS Community that cannot be met through regular HOA dues. This includes things large projects like -
$5M - Beach Re-nourishment
$2M - Landscaping
$1.5M - Security Upgrades

What amenities does this allow me to access?
The same as before the fee was implemented.  All renters will be provided an adequate number of barcode passes for the Litchfield By The Sea Campus and their specific association (including their pool, parking, and when applicable beach access).  Additional LBTS owned amenities include - walking paths, crab dock and lakeside fishing pier, tennis and pickle ball courts, beach access and parking at the beach clubhouse, and LBTS community pool at the River Club.  The following are privately owned and only guests of those buildings may access their amenities - Bridgewater lazy river and indoor pool, Summerhouse pool, Litchfield indoor pool and fitness center. 

Who gets the money?
LBTS Owners Association, administered by Waccamaw Management and directed LBTS Board of Directors.

Is this fee legal?
LBTS, through its board, hired an attorney to research this.
Per Article 4, Sec3(e) of the by-laws - specifically allows charging an admission fee.
"The right of the Association in accordance with its Bylaws, to charge a reasonable admission and other fees... it is understood that this right of the Association allows it have fees and charges apply to anyone..."

What happens if owners or their rental companies do not collect the fee?
Vehicle barcode access will be removed to the community.
First Offense - $500 fine
2nd Offense - $1000 fine

The Dieter Company, nor our owners, have control over this fee. View Complete Details on LBTS HOA website.

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