Litchfield By The Sea Community Rules

Rules and Regulations governing all common facilities at Litchfield-By-The-Sea and River Club are made by the Litchfield-By-The-Sea Board of Directors and must be adhered to by all property owners, their guests and renters. We suggest posting these rules in your unit in an easy to find location.

Each owner is responsible for the proper conduct of family members, guests, renters and service personnel. Owner(s) should be certain that they understand and observe all Rules and Regulations and those renters are advised of, and given a copy of the Rules and Regulations.

The number of employees and/or maintenance sub-contractors permitted in our Budget is limited and each has a full work schedule. Only the Managing Agent or the President of the Association is authorized by the Board of Directors to give instructions to the maintenance staff.

Security is the responsibility of all LBTS residents and guests. Depending upon the situation, owners and guests are requested to notify either the Security Guard, or 911 of any suspicious people and/or unusual activities.

See the EMERGENCY NUMBERS listing on the last page. The main Guard House, at the Beachside campus, is 843-237-2451.

a. Scanned Passes - Owner issued…Owners have the ability to issue their own guest passes, via the URL that has been provided to them. The URL is user friendly and “should” be used instead of calling the guards to enter a guest request. Passes are for the use of out of town guests or a local guest accompanied by a resident. Scanned passes can be issued for a maximum of 30 days or a minimum of one day. Misuse of this could result in the loss of your ability to issue scanned passes. Please remember to properly check Beach Access, YES or No, on the scanned pass request.

b. Bar Codes - Bar codes are distributed through Waccamaw Management only and for RESIDENTS, PEOPLE LIVING WITH THE RESIDENT OR SONS, DAUGHTERS AND THEIR SPOUSES.

Bar codes are to be permanently fastened to the rear passenger side window. If, for some reason, this cannot be done, please contact Waccamaw Management. Violations of this rule could result in a fine and loss of the bar code.

If a resident purchases a new vehicle, please bring the old bar code or pieces of the bar code, to Waccamaw Management to exchange for a new bar code free of charge; otherwise, the cost of a new one is $25.00.

Bar codes will work in the resident’s community, LBTS and River Club, to give LBTS owners access to the LBTS pool at River Club.

Bar codes are ONLY issued to LBTS residents or their family as outlined above. Contact Waccamaw Management if you have additional questions on bar codes and scanned passes or go to for more information.

c. Vehicular Traffic -
(a) Exceeding the posted speed limit is strictly prohibited throughout the property. Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction over the roads in Litchfield-By-Sea and River Club (only the roads owned by LBTS, not streets owned by the sub-associations). The main purpose of this is to control speeding and unlawful use of golf carts and other modes of transportation covered by the Law at the request of the Association. They will not patrol the roads unless requested, but they will, however, enforce all laws when observed by the officers when on the premises at the request of LBTS.

(b) No motorcycles, trikes (three wheeled motorcycles), motor scooters (of any size), mopeds, motorized skateboards, motor homes, campers or buses, or Segway’s shall be permitted on Association property. With prior permission obtained through Waccamaw Management, motor homes or campers may be on LBTS property to load or unload for a period not to exceed 24 hours.

(c) As stipulated by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, a driver’s license is required for all the vehicles in (c) above. Only persons meeting the requirements of a licensed driver may operate golf carts on the Litchfield-By-The-Sea Community Association roads. ALL golf carts are to be registered and have Litchfield-By-The-Sea stickers affixed to the left front of the cart. IF a golf cart is registered as a car, it will be issued a bar code like all other cars. Bar codes will be issued for other golf carts, provided they have a way to permanently mount the bar code to the cart.

Golf carts may not be driven after dark unless equipped with highway headlights and tail lights and may not be driven between midnight and dawn.

Golf carts driven within Litchfield-By-The-Sea must remain on roadways. Do not drive on bike paths. NOTE: the only exception is the path along Willbrook Blvd.

Gas powered ATV-type vehicles are NOT permitted on the Oceanside or River Club properties. (With the exception of commercial landscaping vehicles.)

(d) While it is outside our control, we strongly recommend that golf carts not be used on public roads outside of Litchfield-By-The-Sea. Local traffic conditions make the use of golf carts unsafe.

d. Parking -
(a) As a security measure, keep your automobile doors locked and valuables placed out of sight. Quite naturally, common courtesy demands that we respect the property of others and, for this reason; care should be exercised in opening car doors so as not to cause any damage to adjoining vehicles. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK.

(b) Do not block cars that are not in your party.

(c) Parking on grass or landscaped areas, in front of driveways or in loading zones or fire equipment access areas is strictly prohibited. Parking in the circle by the Litchfield by the Sea Beach House is short term, drop off ONLY. All vehicles must be moved within ten minutes of stopping or will be subject to ticket and towing.

(d) During certain holiday weekends, overflow parking areas will be opened and vehicles will be allowed to enter and use these areas.

(e) At all times, a bar code must be affixed to the vehicle or a valid guest pass is on the dash board.

(f) Some sub-associations have additional parking restrictions and it is up to each owner and guest to learn of those requirements.

The facilities of the Litchfield-By-The-Sea Community Association are for the exclusive use of the Association members, lessees, resident house guests, renters and guests. The use of the facilities for any commercial purpose or financial gain by an Association member, lessee, guest or resident houseguest is expressly prohibited. Litchfield-By-The-Sea amenities include the pool located at the River Club, the Beach House and surrounding deck and the public dune cross over walkways. Tennis Courts, fishing docks, Lake Osprey are additional facilities as are roads and Parking lots designated on the official map. Please remember that some sub associations have their own pools which are strictly for the use of their guests or owners affiliated with that sub association.

(a) Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades are not permitted on the beach house deck.
(b) The showers on the beach house deck are for rinsing off only (no bathing or soap)
(c) No smoking on beach house deck.

All persons are expected to share in the responsibility of maintaining clean grounds throughout LBTS properties. All trash shall be carefully placed in the receptacles provided or taken to your residence for disposal.

Supervision of children by a responsible adult must be exercised at all times when children are playing on the grounds, swimming in the pool, at the beach or using restrooms. Special attention should be exercised while driving within the community to ensure the safety of all children. Everywhere the Litchfield-By-The-Sea speed limit is 25 mph unless otherwise marked as a lower limit.

(a) No pets shall be permitted in the Association’s pool at River Club area or tennis courts.

(b) No pets shall be permitted on any public portion of Litchfield-By-The-Sea unless carried or on a leash. Unleashed pets are subject to collection by the County Animal Shelter. Reclamation of the pet is the sole responsibility of the Owner. Georgetown County Ordinance # 2007-06 requires that all dogs must be leashed on Georgetown County beaches between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm year around.

(c) Excessive barking of a pet or other annoyance to residents may be cause for an order by the Association to remove the pet from the property.

(d) Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. That includes on the public beach as well as Litchfield-By-The-Sea private or common properties.

(e) Service and other support animals must have a license or a medical documentation

Do not walk, play, sit, or lay beach gear on the dunes; use walkways to go to and from the beach.

The launching of jet skis or other watercraft is not permitted over the dunes or the cross-overs or any properties on the Oceanside campus.

There are five beach crossovers inside Litchfield by the Sea. Three are located near the Beach House. There is no automobile parking on the other two: one is located between Bridgewater and Sandpiper and one is located by Shipyard Village. Signage is in place at all locations to guide you.

It is against State Law to damage or destroy the dunes or the sea oats and grasses, which grow on the dunes. Heavy fines are levied on all persons who do not observe this law (i.e. a minimum of $ 200.00 constitutes the State fine.)

Litchfield-By-The-Sea properties are designated “firework free zones”; therefore, the discharging of fireworks is strictly prohibited.

The feeding of feral cats, sea gulls and other invasive wildlife is prohibited on all Litchfield-By-The-Sea properties. It should be impressed upon everyone that feeding the alligators can be hazardous to life and limb, and that this activity is prohibited and violates South Carolina Law. Children, especially, should be cautioned as to the dangers of feeding alligators and other wildlife.

The fishing and crabbing docks are for the enjoyment of all members and guests. A SC valid fishing license is required for anyone over age 15. Clean up your trash and bait when leaving the dock areas. Cleaning of fish is not permitted at the fishing dock or in any public area. Recycling tubes for fishing lines are mounted at the fishing dock and crab dock.

(a) The beach is public property belonging to the state and controlled by Georgetown County. No lifeguards are provided. Be alert to tidal conditions and do not let children wander from your sight.

(b) All State and County Laws are to be observed.

(c) Please observe common courtesies. Do not leave umbrellas, other shade providers or beach gear overnight. County Ordinance requires that items left on the beach become the property of Georgetown County and will be removed. Please do your part in keeping the beach clean.

(d) Glass containers prohibited on all Georgetown County beaches.

(e) Note: Beach is “fireworks free zone”.

14. PROTECTING TURTLES (May 15 until Sept 15)

Loggerhead hatchlings (a protected species) may be disoriented by artificial lights. When loggerhead hatchlings emerge from the shell, they are attracted to the blue and green wavelengths of light which are naturally reflected off the ocean through celestial light. They use this natural light cue to navigate from the nest towards the ocean. If an artificial light source on the beach is brighter than the natural ocean horizon, the hatchlings will head towards this artificial source. The causes of these disorientations include street lights, gas station lights, city sky glow, exterior lights on commercial establishments and beach front homes. People on or near the beach carrying flashlights or lanterns and bonfires can also disorient loggerhead hatchlings. Please take care to turn off any lights that may disorient the turtles.

Rollerblading, skateboarding and skating is allowed on LBTS common properties except near the Beach House to include the deck area, the circle driveway, and the parking lots.

Defined as: an unmanned aircraft or ship guided by remote control or on board computers. The use of drones is strictly prohibited on or from any Litchfield By The Sea common area.

(a) Swimming is permitted between the hours of 9:00 am and 10:00 pm.

(b) No Life Guard on duty. Swim at your own risk.

(c) A shower must be taken before using the pool.

(d) Conventional bathing attire must be worn. Children in diapers are not permitted in the pool as required by state regulations unless the child is wearing a “swim diaper”.

(e) The Board believes that the playing of radios in the pool areas can be annoying to others present. Therefore, the Board discourages the use of radios. If people insist on bringing radios to the pool area, the volume must be kept as low as possible and use earplugs when available.

(f) Bottles, glasses or glass objects will NOT be permitted at any time in the vicinity of the swimming pool. Broken glass can cause serious injury, and if glass falls into the swimming pool, the result will be the closing of the pool for several days to a week so that is can be drained and vacuumed. For everyone’s comfort and safety, it is requested that management by notified at once should glass objects ever be seen around any of the pool areas.

(g) Unreasonable noise, running or skateboards cannot be permitted at any time. This conduct is dangerous and is annoying to other residents.

(h) No pets are allowed in the pool area.

(i) No smoking in the pool area.

(j) Hanging or playing on the safety rope is prohibited.

(k) The pool house building is to be maintained in a neat and clean manner.

(l) Pool furniture should be properly cared for. Under no circumstances should the pool furniture be removed from the immediate area, or placed in the pool.’

(m) Non-resident guests may use the pool with the owner’s permission. The owner will be responsible for their guest’s conduct and obeying the rules.

(n) Children are the responsibility of their parents. Swim at your own risk. No lifeguards are on duty.

(o) Large floatable objects are not allowed in the pool.

18. TENNIS COURTS on the Oceanside Campus
(a) Tennis courts will be open between the hours of 7:00 am and 11:00 pm (where lighted).

(b) The general principles of tennis etiquette, including proper attire, will prevail at all times. Proper attire does, among other items, include shirts.

(c) Tennis shoes and shirts are required.

(d) To fairly allocate tennis court time, courts must be vacated after 1-½ hours of play if anyone is waiting.

(e) Pickle ball is available where striping is available.

(f) Proper attention should be given to the use of the tennis court lighting system. Players must manually operate the light switch for night playing and the last players must turn off the lights when leaving. The lighting system cannot be operated between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.

(g) Trash receptacles are available, please use them.

(h) No activities other than tennis will be permitted on the tennis courts (e.g. no bike riding, skateboarding, roller skating, etc.)

(i) The Courts are for members and rental guests only.

(a) In accordance with the Covenants of the Litchfield-By-The-Sea Community Association, Article II, Section 15, this states: “No trailers, boats, campers, vans or vehicles of any type which are not automobiles shall be parked or stored on the Property except in areas specifically designated for that purpose.”

(b) There are no storage facilities available within Litchfield-By-The-Sea Oceanside Campus except for specific regimes, which may allow boat storage. For those regimes that do permit boat storage, prior approval must be obtained and coordinated through Litchfield By The Sea security to ensure a smooth entry when you arrive Otherwise, please make arrangements to store your personal property at another location. River Club is allowed to have limited parking concessions. Please see below.

(c) Owners will be fined $100.00 per day for each day the boat/trailer is left on Litchfield-By-The-Sea common property. Owners are responsible for the actions of their guest and renters. Unpaid assessments are subject to penalty, interest and liens.

(d) River Club: No trailers, boats, campers, vans, buses or vehicles of any type which are not automobiles shall be parked or stored on the personal property. With written consent of the RCCO and the LBTS Board, brief exceptions can be considered. For example, 24 hours to load/load boats, RV’s or other campers.

It shall be the responsibility of each owner and/or individual to prevent the development of any unclean, unsightly or unkempt conditions with respect to buildings or landscaping on owner’s property.

(a) No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any of the properties within the Community Association, nor shall anything be done thereon tending to cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance or nuisance to the other owners or guests.

(b) No structure of a temporary character shall be placed upon any property within the LBTS Community Association at any time except in accordance with these and/or an individual Association’s Rules and Regulations. This prohibition shall not apply to temporary structures used by a contractor during construction.

(c) No objects are to be hung or draped over any balcony or deck, including but not limited to, towels, sheets or articles of clothing that is visible while on LBTS common property.

(d) No signs, advertising or other displays may be placed on the Common Elements or within or on a dwelling, which can be seen from the exterior of the dwelling.


The Beach Club facility is available to Litchfield-By-The-Sea Community Association members only for parties and special occasions. The north and west decks only are to be used for rented functions (those immediately adjacent to the clubhouse). The remaining deck areas are for the use of Litchfield-by-the Sea members. When there are no functions in the Beach House, all deck areas are open for the members to enjoy.

Information on renting the beach house and a complete list of Rules and Regulations can be found on, homeowners tab. Please contact Waccamaw Management to rent.

Violations of these Rules & Regulations are to be reported to the Managing Agent, who will call the matter to the attention of the violating owner, lessee or guest for corrective action. Any disagreement over violations will be reported to the Board of Directors for subsequent judgment by the Litchfield-By-The-Sea Board of Directors.

Unit occupants violating the Rules and Regulations can result in a per day fine for each second and subsequent day of violations. Owners are responsible for any and all fines levied against their unit that may be changed annually by the LBTS board of Directors.

Enforcement of the Association’s Covenants and Rules and Regulations will be handled through the Managing Agent.

Owners who violate the Covenants will be notified in writing and given thirty (30) days to correct the condition. Failure to respond to the violation notice within thirty (30) days will result in:

(a) Second notice without remedy of the first offense – $25.00 per day

(b) Third notice – under the direction of the Board, the Managing Agent will do the work at the expense of the homeowner.

(c) Failure to remedy and/or pay fine may result in a lien being placed upon the property and the owner is subject to the legal costs association therewith.

The Directors of the Association reserve the right to change or revoke existing Rules and Regulations and to make such additional Rules and Regulations from time to time as they believe are necessary or desirable.

Fire Department 911
Police 911
Georgetown County Sheriff (843) 546-5102
Sheriff’s Dispatcher (843) 527-6763

Tidelands Health – Georgetown (843) 527-1341
Myrtle Beach – Grand Strand (843) 449-4411
Tidelands Health - Waccamaw (843) 652-1000

North Gate Security
24 hours (843) 237-2451
River Club Security (843) 237-7721
Willbrook Security (843) 237-2664
The Reserve Security (843) 235-8703

Managing Agent
Waccamaw Management, LLC, AAMC (843) 237-9551
Updated: 12/14/2018