Tips for a Day on the Beach with Your Dog

Here are some tips for a fun filled vacation with your dog. From enjoying a day on the beach to the pet friendly restaurants and shops in Pawleys Island, to waterfront parks and historic sites, you'll want to make Pawleys Island your favorite "pet friendly" vacation destination.

Take an umbrella or plan your time on the beach to avoid the mid day heat and sun. A beach umbrella will give your pal a great place to sit and watch the waves, birds and all the exciting things happening on the beach. Give your pet frequent rest periods after playing on the beach and in the water. Sunscreen is now available for dogs are now to help prevent sunburn and skin problems on your dog. Bring plenty of fresh water and a non-glass water bowl. Plastic portable bowls are great for traveling, and the stainless bowls always work well, too. Avoid letting your dog drink the salty ocean water when playing in the surf. Too much salt water can cause severe upset tummy later, and can even lead to respiration problems and emergency issues. Take a towel large enough for your pet to sit on, and also to use for drying off after a swim in the ocean.

Must Have Pet Items to Bring to the Beach

  • Towel for the beach
  • Umbrella for shade
  • Water bowl
  • Bottle of water
  • Sunscreen for dogs
  • Dog waste bags

Sand in My Shoes

After a fun time of surfing and sitting in the sand, you'll find your home has an outside shower and garden hose to rinse off the salt water and sand on your dog. We love our nice fine sand when we're out on the beach, but it's not so nice when it's in the house or in your car. Towel dry your pet, before allowing back inside your pet friendly rental home. Despite your best efforts, sand can easily accumulate in the house. The best remedy is a broom and dust pan for non-carpeted areas, and all homes will have a vacuum cleaner to help keep the sand picked up. Mid-week house cleaning is an option, too. Call our office for services and fees. There are two car washes with coin operated vacuums at Pawleys, and one full service/hand washed car wash at Litchfield.