Staff member Elliott Gregory

Elliott Gregory

Vacation Rentals

When were you hired by The Dieter Company? 

I was hired in May of 2021.

What are Your primary duties at The Dieter Company? 

My primary duties include helping run our social media accounts, assisting guests book reservations, and also ensuring every guest that visits us has the best vacation experience they can have! 

Where were you born and when/ how did you end up in our area? 

I was born in Myrtle Beach and after about 6 months my parents decided to move to Pawleys Island, and I have been here ever since. 

One thing about you that others might find interesting? 

In 2019 I went to 17 concerts in one year!

What is your favorite rental property and why? 

One of my favorite rental properties is new to our rental program this year "Inverness" I grew up going to the beach on the north end of Pawleys so the north end is very special, also having a private pool is always a bonus to me! 

What do you enjoy doing when not at work? 

I enjoy any kind of live music, Hanging out at the beach or the Marsh-walk in Murrells Inlet with my friends. 

What is your Favorite local restaurant and what to order?  

Habanero's Cantina is one of my absolute favorites, and the Pineapple Fajitas are one the best things on the menu! 

What family activities do you recommend?

 Brookegreen Gardens features the Lowcountry zoo and always has neat events going on! 

What is your best local insider tip?

I would say don't rule out the creek-marsh view houses! A lot of people tend to lean towards the oceanfront views which are awesome, However I feel you are more up-close and tend to see more of the wildlife when you are on the creek-marsh side!