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Stay Cool on Vacation

Suggestions to help stay cool during a Pawleys Island Heat Advisory

How to handle hot weather in Pawleys Island Beach? 

With extreme heat forecast over the next few days throughout Pawleys Island, we wanted to share some suggestions to help keep you as cool as possible. Below are things that can help keep your rental cool during the hottest part of the year. Also, if the air conditioner quits working, there are suggested steps to take to get it back online as soon as possible. July and August are known for the hot and humid along the Hammock Coast of South Carolina.

Suggestions to stay cool at the beach

  • Make sure windows & doors are closed and locked tight throughout your rental property.
  • Close the sun-facing blinds and draw any curtain for the hottest part of the sunniest part of the day. Turn blinds upwards to help prevent rays (and heat) from coming inside.
  • AC Thermostats should not be set too low. Most units can only drop the inside air about 15 - 20 degrees below the outside temperature. If it is 95 outside, 75 is likely all the unit can do.
  • Check to make sure the AC filter is clean. If not replace it with one in the closet or contact our office for assistance.
  • Cut on fans to keep the air circulating throughout.
  • Limit the use of heat-generating appliances during hot parts of the day when possible – clothes dryers, dishwashers, ovens, and stoves. Even turning off TVs and Computers while not being used can help.
  • When showering, keep the exhaust fan on during and at alteast 20 minutes after use to remove the hot and humid air.

What to do if you think the AC is not working?

1. Is it blowing cold air through all vents? If yes, then there is nothing that can be done – see the tips above to help cool the home.

What does the thermostat say the temperature is inside? Most A/C units have about a 15 to 20-degree temperature drop. If it is 95 outside then it can only get to 75 inside. We suggest closing blinds and cutting on fans to help catch up. Leave the fans on to keep the air circulating throughout the vacation property.

2. If blowing warm air - Shut AC to off and Fan to on. This is usually because the unit has “frozen over.” Cutting the fan on will help de-thaw and allow the AC company to work on it. They cannot do anything if it is a frozen block of ice. Call our office for assistance.

3. If nothing is working – The thermostat is not on or no A/C Blowing. Check the breaker panel to see if anything is tripped. If so, flip the breaker back to on. If this does not correct the issue, shut the unit off and call The Dieter Company.

Remember to stay hydrated while on vacation!

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