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Inlet Point Beach Renourishment

Inlet Point has been working to renourish the beach in front of Inlet Point South and The Peninsula for over a year. After many delays, the project has started. We have been told the project will likely take 4 – 6 weeks and updates will be provided on a regular basis below:

Saturday 7/30/22
Work on the beach project has been completed. All of our rentals have also completed construction on their beach access. There are some neighbors that are still working on their beach walkways and/ or landscaping.

Saturday 7/23/ 22
All walkways to the beach have been restored for our rental homes in Inlet Point!  Heavy equipment has nearly all been relocated to another community.  The last part of the dunes appear to be shaped and planted as we are sending this update.  We look forward to seeing you come and enjoy the new beach.  Shell collecting has been a bright point during the whole project.  Below are pictures from today, with links, of the last 2 walkways that were completed.

Big KahunaPalmetto Sun

Thursday 7/21/22
Good news from our walk on the beach in Inlet Point today!  All heavy equipment has moved off the beach and back on the roadside of the new dune.  They are planting the last sea oats and installing the remaining sand fences.  Most beach walkways have been restored.  All of our rental homes in Inlet Point South have beach walkways and full access to the beach.  All homes on The Peninsula have been completed except Big Kahuna and Palmetto Sun.  We have been told if the weather allows they will be finished by the end of the week.

Dolphin Watch 1


Sea La Vie

Boat House

Ocean Point

*Pictures of Big Kahuna and Palmetto Sun will be shared as soon as the walkways are complete.

Saturday, July 16th

Exciting News!  Pumping sand on the beach in Inlet Point is complete.  They are in the process of removing the large pipe, grading the new sand, and planting sea oats on the dunes.  Owners have contracted to have walkways rebuilt ASAP.  As usual photos from today are included below.  We also received this letter shared by the Inlet Point Board of Directors:

Dear fellow Peninsula Property Owners,

The project is wrapping up currently. Through the weekend and into next week, Marinex will be demobilizing and cleaning up. Work on smoothing out the dunes, walkover work, adding sand fence, planting and keep off the dunes sign installation will continue. The walkovers of 1101, 1145 and 1175 are available to use for all. The southern most lot access will remain open to help with the last of the construction and pedestrians.

Below is information ... CSE about the beach design and what to expect...

Project Expectations:
The nourished beach will adjust to a more natural shape over the next few months. Fortunately, the quality of the beach fill has been excellent, which has resulted in the "wet sand" beach having a gentle slope. This allows for a wide beach at low tide, and maintains a wide surf zone (rather than having waves break very close to the beach). CSE expects a significant amount of sand from the center of the Peninsula will shift to the south over the next several months, especially when more northerly winds arrive in the fall. This will widen the beach at the south end of the Peninsula and also will widen the spit south of the houses. Following this initial adjustment period, CSE expects the erosion rate to slow along the project area.

Along the flat berm area, wind-blown sand will begin to accumulate into small dune features, and opportunistic vegetation will begin to grow along the berm area next spring. It is likely that during spring tides or storm events, portions of the berm may overwash. This helps the beach return to a more natural look; however, there may be temporary periods of standing water following these events due to the width of the berm. The frequency of these events decreases over time as the beach topography evolves.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and patience.
The Peninsula Board

Inlet Point South from The Marlin looking South toward The Peninsula.  Setting sand fences and planting sea oats.

Big Kahuna looking North toward Inlet Point South.  Collecting all of the pipe.

Palmetto Sun looking north up The Peninsula.

Palmetto Sun looking south towards the end of The Peninsula.

Saturday, July 9th
No work for the past 48 hours, however we did have a Peninsula owner share this official communication from the owners association with an update on the project:

"Marinex has made good progress this week.  They will be shut down until Sunday morning for weather and some maintenance.  Please try to stay off the new dunes. You can access the beach from house 1101 Norris and through the construction lot 1157 Norris."

Please also review our photos from today below:

Sea La Vie - New Beach, Dunes, Walkway & Sandfence

Thursday, July 7th

The southern end of the fence was moved today near the last house on The Peninsula.  The pump seems to be moving about 2 houses per day from north to south and is currently in front of the vacant lot beside Big Kahuna.  Tractors continue to scrape sand within several houses of the pump area (near Ocean Point).  Sand fences and walkways to be beach have already been replaced for most of Inlet Point South and the northern end of The Peninsula.  Here are pictures from today:

Ocean Point looking south towards Big Kahuna (red roof)

Ocean Point

One of the large tractors between Big Kahuna and Ocean Point

Saturday, July 2nd
The northern end of the fence was moved significantly this week.  They have placed sand fences along the new dunes in front of Inlet Point South and start of The Peninsula.  Sea La Vie has completed their walkway and has beach access. Only the 1 large pipe remains on the beach in front of the house.  The leading edge fencing for the project is now just south of Big Kahuna; they are pumping sand about 4 houses north near The BoathouseOcean Point and Palmetto Sun still have beach access as the project has not yet reached these homes. 

Sea La View - New Beach Access

Sea La Vie South

Big Kahuna North

Big Kahuna South

Thursday, June 30th
All equipment continues to move South.  Today they are pumping sand around the middle of The Peninsula.  Partial beach access has been restored through Inlet Point South and the first few houses along The Peninsula.  There are sand walkways providing access over the pipe in this area.  Houses in front of the project still have access as well.  See map and photos below from today with more details. 
Here is a video of what it pumping process looks like on The Peninsula 

Inlet Point Beach Update 6/30/22

Dolphin Watch 1 North

Sea La Vie North

Big Kahuna North

Palmetto Sun South

Saturday, June 25th
The beach project is continuing to push South along The Peninsula. It does not appear that they are working today.  Most activity looks to be complete on the beach in Inlet Point South and there has been sand pushed up in several areas over the remaining exposed pipe.  The pumping equipment is currently located about 1/3 of the way into The Peninsula area.  Please see our photos below with captions from today.


Start of The Penninsula Looking North

Sea La Vie

Start of The Penninsula Looking South

Sea La Vie Now Has Beach Access

Vie (at our last update it was still north of the house. Best guess is that it will pass The Boat House and reach Big Kahuna next week. Due to rough seas, there has been little activity today. The large pipe is still on the beach through all of Inlet Point South but they have pushed up sand to act as walkovers in several locations. See photos from today below.

Thursday, June 23rd Update
Work has been progressing this week and has moved several houses south into The Peninsula.  Most heavy equipment is now south of Sea La Vie (at our last update it was still north of the house.  Best guess is that it will pass The Boat House and reach Big Kahuna next week.  Due to rough seas, there has been little activity today.  The large pipe is still on the beach through all of Inlet Point South but they have pushed up sand to act as walkovers in several locations. See photos from today below.


Most Equipment Now South of Sea La Vie

Big Kahuna Looking North

Beach Looking South from in front of Condo Building #4

Looking South from Sea La Vie

Looking South from Big Kahuna

Friday, June 17th Update
Activity should resume today after a delay due to equipment breakdowns. Inlet Point South has been completed except for the clean up phase. The work will now start at Peninsula and is expected to extend into July. Please see details from this recent HOA letter:

Dear Peninsula Property Owners and neighbors,

We wanted to give you an update on the Sand Renourishment Project. As many of you have noticed, Marinex has been shut down for over a week. They had completed the work at the IPS houses, except for clean up work, and are at the first house of the Peninsula. After several breakdowns, they are replacing a 4,000 foot section of subline piping to eliminate the problem. This is being finished and the dredge will be back at work tomorrow. Due to this delay and the unknown factors such as weather conditions, the project will continue into July to finish up. The engineering firm has been working closely with US Fish and Wildlife and SCDNR concerning turtle protection efforts.

We greatly appreciate your support and patience as this project is completed.
The Peninsula at Inlet Point South Board

Photos from today, June 18th


Condo Building #4 Looking South

Sea La Vie Looking North. Equipment about 4 houses away.

Sea La Vie Looking South - Dune Pushed Up About 1 House Down

Big Kahuna Looking North

Wednesday, June 15th Update
Very little activity since Saturday. No crew working this morning. We will post another update when visible activity resumes.  The project appears to be running behind schedule, but no scheduling updates have been communicated.

Saturday, June 11th Update
The project continues to move in a southern direction.  The front end of the project is now on The Peninsula and the tail-end fence is around the middle of Inlet Point South.  The large pipe and tractors are still working in front of Inlet Point South houses.  Due to weather and equipment issues there were several days this past week when no work was observed along the beach.  This slows the project but  limits tractor noise and lights. See our photos below from this afternoon:


Condo Bldg #4 - Looking North

Condo Bldg #4 - Looking South

Palmetto Sun - Looking North

Big Kahuna - Looking North

Sea La Vie - Looking North

Sea La Vie - Looking South

Junes 7th Update
Due to rough seas the crews did not work the past few days.  They are back at it today and it appears the project has spread south approximately one more house. Here are the latest pictures.


Looking South from Last Condo Access

Looking North From Front Edge of Beach Project

June 4th Update
Things are progressing and the convoy is moving North to South.  The front end of the project has moved about 18 lots from the start of Inlet Point South.  The rear end fence has been moved about 4 houses from the start of the project. See the map below showing the approximate locations from our observations today. 


Approximate Map of Beach Project 6/4 (Note map should say North to South)

View From Last Condo Access Looking North to Dolpin Watch 1

View from Sea La View North Towards Project

Big Kahuna View North Towards Project

Palmetto Sun View North Towards Project

May 31st Update
The Inlet Point Beach Renourishment project is now in full swing. They have started in front of the 1st house at the North end of Inlet Point South and have an area about 6 houses wide blocked off along the oceanfront. We are told that they will be working 24/7 and moving from north to south approximately one house per day. There is not any equipment, nor is the beach blocked in front of the Inlet Point Condos.

Photo Update - 5/31/22 Work has begun

Inlet Point Project Moving North to South Update 5/31/22

View Looking South Near 1st Home in Inlet Point South

5/27/22 Update
Greetings from the beach. There has been no visible activity the past few days along the beach. Below is the most recent update from the owners in Inlet Point. We will provide more detailed information once they start pumping sand and can share 1st hand observations.

Work crews continued to install more piping off-shore yesterday. On the beach the work crews captured the remaining topographic data and the dozer was delivered to the staging area. Crews have to remain in Winyah Bay as poor sea conditions will limit offshore work for a few days. Maybe next week before they start pumping sand.

5/20/22 Update
Greetings from the beach. Below is the most recent update from the owners association in Inlet Point. We are told that they will likely start pumping new sand Monday or Tuesday night. Much more will be known after they start and we will share more details as soon as possible.

Hello fellow Property Owners,

The final piping is being brought to our area over the weekend and the dredge should be in place and pumping early next week. The turtle watchers are in place. Please remember the sand work is around the clock and may be noisy when near your house. Walkways may be replaced after they pass your house.

Also, please be neighborly by allowing people to use your walkover if it is complete to keep our new dunes in good shape.

5/12/22 Update
You may have heard that Inlet Point has been working to renourish the beach in front of Inlet Point South and The Peninsula. After many delays, the project is finally moving forward. The contractors are currently mobilizing equipment, beach walkways are being removed from the oceanfront houses, and we have been told the project will likely take 4 – 6 weeks. The quote below was shared in a recent email from the HOA:

> The construction will begin at the north end and work south. The work will [be moving 1-2 houses per day]. Once they have moved past a home, a pipe will remain on the beach and frequent walkovers will be in place to allow people to get over and to the ocean. We still expect the whole project to be completed in 4-6 weeks.

The project was initially scheduled to be completed months ago and the owners have no control over the timing. We agree that the schedule is not ideal and sincerely apologize. We will pass along more information in a few days as the project commences and more is known.


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