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Bridgewater Restoration

Bridgewater Renovation Details

Below are excerpts from letter sent to owners (and shared with us yesterday) by the HOA regarding notice to close the building for major exterior renovations.

August 3rd, 2022
Subject: Exterior Restoration Project Update

Dear Bridgewater Owner,

The total exterior of the building will be refurbished and then painted including both the oceanside and parking lot side of the building. Some highlights included in the project are listed below....

As a reminder, the project begins in early September (September 6th, 2022) where North and South end walls, South garage ceiling and the indoor pool work will begin. While the  work will actually start on September 6th with regard to the work on the exterior end walls and South garage ceiling, the building will remain open but please note that there will be some construction noise during this period. The building will be closed starting October 3rd, 2022 and is planned to reopen April 1 st, 2023. In the event there are any changes to the above dates we will communicate changes with owners.

July 25th, 2022
North & South Wall Unit Refurbishment Plan

Dear Bridgewater Owner,

We are preparing to start the exterior restoration project beginning September 6th, 2022 and will extend into the first part of October.  The complete building will be closed for the remaining part of the project start October 3rd, 2022 until the building reopens [in April].

There will be extensive work do to the end wall which involve removing the exterior wall, replacing rusted studs, replacing wall material, rec-coating and resealing.  The Bridgewater will remain open during the first phase of the project because work is isolated to the North and South end walls; however, considerable noise will be experienced in the end wall units of the building...It is possible that access to your unit is needed, ota dress any wall repair that may be needed if studs are replaced.  We suggest that you remove pictures, mirrors, and anything that could fall from the end wall of your unit.

The Building Engineer, Constructions Supervisor, and Board, highly recommend you do not rent after September 6th, 2022 due to the planned end wall reconstruction which will produce considerable noise and inconvenience to guests.  [Construction will occur 8 - 5 Monday - Saturday in September]...

We stress again that you do not rent your unit after September 6th, 2022.

For the Board of Directors,
Waccamaw Management, LLC, AAMC

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