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Naming Your Beach Rental Property

Choosing a name for your beach rental property can be exciting or maybe even stressful - depending on how you look at it. A name is a pretty important part of what makes your vacation rental, your vacation rental. It’s one of the first things that catches user’s attention when browsing a vacation rental website.

Wondering what to name your Pawleys Island beach house? We’re sharing some tips and some of our favorite beach property names in our program to help make your decision a little easier!

#1 – Make the Name Memorable

The most obvious tip is to make the property name memorable. You want future guests to remember your vacation home for years to come, and a standout name is just one of the ways to do that.

#2 – Make It Something Personal that Your Family Loves

A property name can come from something that means a lot to your family. Your personal experiences, memories from your time on Pawleys Island and Litchfield Beach, and much more. Maybe there is a certain feature of the house that makes your Pawleys Island home so special. Pulling inspiration from the unique features of the house that you love can lead to wonderful name choices.

#3 – Try to Connect to Potential Renters by Evoking Certain Emotions

Family vacations were made to create special memories with loved ones. It’s a time we set aside to spend quality time with those close to us and appreciate what we have. Creating a sense of nostalgia with the name could be a good idea. Names that remind people of family vacations or names based on emotions that remind us of ocean breezes or summer days on the coast is another source of inspiration to pull from.

#4 – And Remember, Just Have Fun!

While it can be stressful thinking of a name that perfectly describes your property – remember to relax and have fun with it! Some of the best names come from your favorite music, beach puns, or activities you love doing.

It’s important to make it memorable and standout amongst the crowd – marketing 101. Try to connect your family to potential renters by tugging on their emotions, state of mind, or telling them a story. If you are torn between a few different ideas, we are glad to float them through our rental department to get feedback.

What Are Our Favorite Property Names?

We asked our rental staff their favorite property names (not necessarily favorite properties) from The Dieter Company property management program and here is what they said:

  • Carolina Sunshine – “Makes me think of the years that I spent living away from the beach and low country and missed it so much.”
  • Sea’z the Day – “Reminds me how often we don’t take advantage of the environment we live in here and how lucky we are to live in the low country surrounded by the ocean, creeks, marshes and rivers.”
  • Shore Broke – “I like this name because it describes what it is probably like to own a property at the beach. The price to pay to live on the shore.”
  • Lakeside Villa (58A) – “The view from the windows and porch is absolutely breathtaking and perfect for spotting our local wildlife!”
  • Creekhouse – “It truly depicts just what it is…a creek house.”
  • Happy Ours – “It’s happy and it’s theirs, ours.”
  • Pelican Watch and Osprey Watch – “Those are all great locations to view the abundant wildlife our area offers, such as Ospreys and Pelicans.”
  • Traumerei – “This one fits the "state of mind" category but also favorite music. The definition of Traumerei is a state of being completely occupied by one's own thoughts. Traumerei is also a classical piece by Robert Schumann's Scenes from Childhood -
  • Isle Be Back – A fun play on a movie classic and a beach pun.
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